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“Hood Critic Magazine” Reflections – Album Post


“The Root Music” Reflections – #36 on the list of Top 50 Albums of 2017


“The Hype Magazine” Reflections – Album Post


“1stDayFresh (IDF)” Reflections – Album


“Dr Wong” Reflections – Album


“Hii Qlass Media” Reflections – Album


“Spit Fire Hip Hop” No Shame – Music Video


“Tiger Lyfe Times” No Shame – Music Video


“Hiphopnews24” No Shame – Music Video


“Rap Star Vidz” No Shame – Music Video


“Black Truth News” No Shame – Single


“Muzik Fanatic” No Shame – Single


“Illuminati2G” No Shame – Single


“Tha Report” No Shame – Single


“Definition of Fresh” No Shame – Single


“TripleHQ” No Shame – Single


“Urban Vault” No Shame – Single


“Popolitickin” No Shame – Single


“Hiphopnews24” No Shame – Single


“State Of Hip-Hop” The Fraternity: Conjure Music Video


“Hip-Hop Kings” The Fraternity – Dark Arts Of The Iron Age


“Hip Hop Dependency” The Vault – Cypher Sessions


“Underground Hardcore Rap” The Vault – Cypher Sessions


“Internet Hollywood Billboard Charts” Loose Logic Ranks #10


“Hipsterwave” Write Up


“Bleeding Edge – In Your Speakers” Write Up


“Whisky A Go Go” Site Add