Loose Logic – Murder Musick “SYTYCR” Contest Entry

I entered the Murder Musick rap competition … check it out and enjoy!

The Write Awards

Over at the write reviews I got 3 out of the 24 featured tracks of the year, Lyricist of the year, had one of the 8 amazing albums of the year, was one of the 8 incredible MC’s of the year, and also nominated for some other categories as well.  Plus my Fraternity brother Sleep won album of the year and artist of the year along with being on the featured tracks and amazing album and inedible mc’s of the year list.  The frat getting recognized!


Click the link to view the awards! The Write Awards ’15-’16



It Doesn’t Get Better…


Get the ENTIRE Loose Logic discography for a limited time at the LOW price of $11.25!!! Click the picture to be redirected to this incredible offer!!!

The ENTIRE Loose Logic discography for only $11.25!!!

New “Open Door Policy” Review

Loose Logic's "Open Door Policy"

Check out the new review for “Open Door Policy”!


“Open Door Policy is like the combination of Budden’s Slaughterhouse compadre Crooked I’s delivery and the aforementioned Mood God’s lyrical content, over The Gonz production.”



You can read the ENTIRE review by Mr. Hawthorn HERE!!!

“Open Door Policy” RELEASE

Loose Logic's "Open Door Policy"
Loose Logic's "Open Door Policy"
Loose Logic’s “Open Door Policy”

“Open Door Policy” HAS ARRIVED!!! Already given a ‘classic status’ rating by The Write Reviews, “Open Door Policy” is NOT an EP you want to pass up!!! Five incredible tracks for your listening pleasure can be found by simply clicking the album cover art above!!! Thank you ALL for your support!!!

A Review on “Open Door Policy”

Loose Logic's "Open Door Policy"

Here is the first review of “Open Door Policy”… They considered it a classic and gave it 5 stars!!! Check out the review!!! The EP drops on the 7th of September!!!

Interview with Joe K.


My interview will Joe K. is now available for everyone to check out!!! Don’t forget to drop any comments you have or questions you might like answered in a future interview!


“Loosid Dreams 2.5” RELEASE

Loose Logic's "Loosid Dreams 2.5"
Loose Logic's "Loosid Dreams 2.5"
Loose Logic’s “Loosid Dreams 2.5”

IT’S FINALLY HERE!!! “Loosid Dreams 2.5” has been released!!! All you have to do is click the album cover art above and you can get your very own copy!!! Be sure to let me know what you think and which songs are your favorite!!!