#kotb1 preview

This is just a preview… full track coming soon.



New Music Sample

A quick snippet/taste of the new sound I am working on

Rock Album in 2019


So.. just a little update

All of the songs are recorded,  all vocals done… real instruments… 13 tracks… I just need to add some instrument tracks for solos.  Then mix and master.  It is a mix of rock, classic rock, hip hop and a little country.  It is definitely a new and different sound from me but something I have been wanting to do for a while now.  I am hoping to release it early 2019.

I will be releasing some new rap singles in the meantime and have a lot of collabs that have yet to be released.

Hope you all enjoy!

-Loose Logic

The Fraternity “DAOTIA” Review By: Not Ya Mans

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Reflections Review – By: Not Ya Manz

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Reflections – Loose Logic @loose_logic 👍🏾1. Ain't Holding Back 🌊2. Devil on My Shoulder 🔥3. No Shame 🚒4. Cold World 🔥5. Crazy 👍🏾6. Nobody Else f. JL B. Hood 👎🏾7. The Youth 🔥8. Won't Resist 👍🏾9. Roll Out 🌊10. So Lonely 🆗11. On and On 👍🏾12. Vacancy 🔥13. Tunnel Vision 👍🏾14. No Way 🌊15. One Story: 2nd Chapter Project is so solid, so much fire on here. If you are looking for raps, chopping, bars, and dope production, this will talk to you. Hes like a long lost Strange records artist. Project bumps, has some deep songs, allot of bangers some catch tracks, only one missed track to me but musically not really message wise is the Youth. Other than that, in rotation and salute to him and his daughter because the love and fear of fatherhood is real in this one too. 7/10 John D. #looselogic #notyamanz #hiphop #rap #review #goodmusic #listenup #musicreviews #artistreview #musicfortheears #instamusic #instahiphop #hiphop #rap #song #artist #music #singer #albumreviews #reviewalbums #realshit #realhiphopmusic #beats #ratings #rap #rapculture #music #culture #vibes #listen

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New Music – New Sound

As the completion of the new album approaches I wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone that there will be a major change in the sound and style of my music for this release. I expect the album to be released 1st quarter of 2019.

I will update album art, previews and singles as they become available.

Thank you for the continued support.

Physical Copies – Reflections Artwork

I just wanted to update everyone on the status of the physical copies of “Reflections”. I just got the artwork sent to me and will be sending everything over to get the hard copies printed up next week.

Here is a preview of the artwork.

Reflections Artwork

Devil On My Shoulder – Lyric Video [New 2017!!!]

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Devil On My Shoulder – Lyric Video