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Popolitickin - artist spotlight

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Loose Logic – Artist Spotlight

Loose Logic – No Shame – Official Music Video 2017

Here is the brand new video for No Shame by Loose Logic. The album “Reflections” drops 10.6.2017

The Fraternity – Dark Arts Of The Iron Age

The new album from the group I am apart of, “The Fraternity”, is out now!!!! Go listen, download and share!!!!!

The Fraternity – Conjure Video Clip

Drops 7.10.17

7.10.17 Conjure #DAOTA #fraternity #looselogic #musicvideo #comingsoon #realrap #newmusic #newalbum

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When Horseshoe Gang shares your IG Video #respectfam

Respect, fam @loose_logic #dopelyricsmatterchallenge #sssuuutsssuuut #COB #shoegang

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New Music Coming

Some great news for Loose Logic fans! The album is being mixed now and The Fraternity is in the process of creating a bunch of new music! Oh and there is a collab with Token and one with Horseshoe gang that will drop in the near future! I have recorded my verses for both collaborations and I will make sure to share those with you when they drop!